The spine is divided into five sections. The seven cervical vertebrae make up the neck. The thoracic vertebrae comprise the chest section and have ribs attached. The lumbar vertebrae are the remaining vertebrae below the last thoracic bone and the top of the more
In most cases, spinal problems are treated without surgery. Individuals with acute (sudden onset) episodes of back pain can expect symptoms to settle within 6 weeks in 90% of cases. Initial treatment may include 2-3 days of rest followed by a gradual return to normal more
After any surgical procedure, the body needs time to restore damaged tissues and return to normal. Recovery is a process which may take some time before you feel completely healed. The recovery period, both in the hospital and at home, is necessary to rebuild your strength.

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Assoc. Prof. Richard Willliams is an orthopaedic surgeon whose practice solely focusses on disorders of the spine, which include pain associated with degeneration of the back or neck, tumours, infections, trauma to the spinal column and developmental problems. read more

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Brisbane private extends a helping hand

Matius Wau was born in 1980 in Hiliamaetaniha a village on the island of Nias which lies off the west coast of Sumatra. Matius is the second of four siblings born to poor rubber farmers. His parents struggled to put him through school to junior high level, but were unable to afford to pay for him to..

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